YES DEER makes music through physical and intellectual rituals.

“We are, as a band, engaged in the friction between intellect and libido, pre and post, and collectivism and individualism. Our sound can be described as a massive cacophony of writhing textures, manic hammering and distorted screeching, or as the sound of enthusiastic despair.”

YES DEER was formed in 2011 by Sweden-based saxophonist Signe Dahlgreen, Norwegian guitarist Karl Bjorå, and Danish drummer Anders Vestergaard. Since then they have released 3 albums: THE TALK OF TENNIS (2014), GET YOUR GLITTER JACKET (2016) and GLOSS (2018) and toured extensively in Europe, North America and Japan.

Signe Dahlgreen Saxophones
Born in Gl. Lejre, Denmark in 1987, but moved to Sweden in 2010 and is currently residing in Gothenburg. Signe is a heavy solo perfomer and, apart from her activities with Yes Deer, she is playing with PER ÅKE HOLMLANDER, ANNA HÖGBERG, ELSA BERGMAN etc. The solo album KUNKI SNUK is released in 2018 on ASTRAL SPIRITS and INSULA MUSIC.

Karl Bjorå Guitar & sometimes synthesizers
Born in the small town Evje in the south of Norway in 1991 and currently living in Oslo. Karl is, besides his work with Yes Deer, playing extensively in Norway and Europe with OWL, MEGALODON COLLECTIVE and his own group KARL BJORÅ’S APERTURE and has placed himself as a unique voice on the guitar.

Anders Vestergaard Drums
Born in Aarhus, Denmark 1989 and currently residing in Copenhagen. Anders is a highly active drummer on the Danish and European underground scene, playing with LASER NUN, JACOB ANDERSKOV, EVAN PARKER, FINN LOXBO etc. Anders is also working in a solo setting with drums and feedback electronics, which is documented on the album EEL from 2016 and he is the co-founder of the Copenhagen based record label ABSTRACT TITS.